middle eastern beliefs

I have had a chance to visit a lot of middle eastern countries as well as east Asian countries. I am quite familiar with Islam. There are a lot of branches of Islam. The name of the holy book of Islam is the Quran. Most of the people in Muslim countries believe in the teachings of this book even though have not read it in its entirety. They just put their trust in this book without reading it.

There are a lot of policy for Muslim people that originate from the Quran. For example, the woman must cover their hair when in public and people are not allowed to drink alcohol. They strongly believe in some hidden power and name that power, GOD or “Allah”. They believe people have two different paths after death. They believe if you are a good person, that you will go to Heaven and if you be a bad person you are going to hell. One of the most positive experiences that I have witnessed in Muslim countries is that the respect the people show to their parents and their families. One of my more critical thoughts on the religion there is that they spend a great deal of their time praying to GOD.

For example, they must wake up early in the morning every day for worship and repeat their prayers 4 more times. They have many palaces for practice and the name of the practice centers is a mosque. They believe that their prophet is Mohammad and that he brought Islam and the holly book to the believers. They have many holidays that they celebrate throughout the year. They practice fasting one month out of the year, where they do not eat between early morning and evening. They believe they must do this because of the God and this time is a good time to thank GOD for the food he has given them.

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