Hinduism is a polytheistic or monotheistic belief system?

First of all, I have to explain about polytheistic and monotheistic religions. According to monotheistic religions, people believe and trust in one God. This God is the creator of life and the world we live in, as well as the protector of our world. He is also the all-seeing good, where he is able to see and judge everything that we do and he even knows our thoughts. In this belief system, when we die, we are evaluated and measured based on our good and bad deeds, which determines whether we go to heaven or hell. The goal of the true believer is to worship the one true God and make good decisions, so that when death approaches, that person can be rewarded by living in heaven with the rest of the good, moral people. In the monotheistic belief system, the people believe in an afterlife and focus on behaving well in this life so that they can be rewarded with a good position in the afterlife.

In Hinduism, they don’t believe in the concept of Heaven or Hell. This means that they do not believe in the same system of judgment as the monotheistic religions. There many Gods, not just the one powerful God. There is also no Holy book that dictates the tenants of their beliefs. They don’t fear the one God and they do not try to appease him. They also do not follow any policy or commandments that come from any holy book. Their belief system is based on Karma.

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