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The rise of depression and suicide rates in the United States due to the Corona Virus crisis among the various social problems, I found that due to the general condition of coronary heart disease in society and the restrictions placed at work, financial, and social issues, we face a complex problem of increasing depression and suicide rates.

The consequences of limited contact with others, as well as financial worries about the Corona Virus outbreak, have overshadowed the lives of many Americans. This is in line with the warning that researchers have given about increased drug use and addiction to alcohol.

Not only have many people in the United States and around the world lost their lives to coronary heart disease, but the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak have put many people at risk of mental health issues. This is especially true for those who had mental illnesses before the onset of the corona crisis.

I first went to the Washington Post to find out. There was a detailed article about this.

In an article entitled “The pandemic coronavirus is pushing America into a mental health crisis”.

It has been reported that since the presence of the coronavirus in the United States, the number of contacts with federal centers to communicate emotional distress has increased 1000 times. The main concern is that this number of people who called were people who had the opportunity to call or to contact for information, and many times these people who certainly did not call and could not share problems and still received advice.

The coronavirus level of panic and anxiety has been so great that even some medical staff have tried to commit suicide. An example of this can be seen in the case of two medical staff suicides in New York. The two had no history of mental health problems and were affected by coronary heart disease's death rate and the disease's uncontrollable condition.

The next article was reviewed for my research was “Fear of unemployment and financial problems during the coronavirus and after the end of the coronavirus”.

This article was on the USA Today site and talked about these concerns.

Over the past few weeks, many Americans have become concerned about their financial and employment situation. Due to the large population and class distances and lack of government support, the problem is more complicated than in other countries.

Since mid-March, following a sudden increase in the coronavirus outbreak, restrictions have been imposed in most states with traffic and the closure of some commercial and economic activities. This has caused the unemployment rate to rise exponentially. Unemployment in the United States, which was around 3.5 percent before the Coronavirus crisis, suddenly rose to 15 percent.

This has raised concerns about financial and economic issues. U.S. scientists predict that in the coming years, 75,000 U.S. citizens are likely to die due to excessive alcohol and drug use or suicide attempts. Unemployment and financial worries are among the leading causes of suicide attempts. Loss of contact with others in the second stage is one factor that fuel the temptation to commit suicide among citizens. In the United States, suicide rates have never been higher.

The next article I reviewed was, “There was an increase in domestic violence during the Corona."

This article addresses many factors, including increased stress during the cornea and the economic factors caused by the coronavirus that disturb the peace of mind and more time that people have to spend together at home for reasons such as closure. The existence of recreational places and the closure of some work environments and the compulsion to work online, and the consumption of more alcoholic beverages have led to a massive increase in domestic violence.

In the meantime, women and children are the most vulnerable. I came across two things in this article. First, coronas have a psychological effect on people who have not been violent before, for the reasons stated above, and eventually, become more or less violent. Also, people who have had happy backgrounds in the past have become more violent. Both are a wake-up call for families. Conflict in the family, which is the first social center to bring peace to people, including children, in such situations closes general damage. In a critical condition, the likelihood of committing suicide will increase.

The next article is called “COVID-19 and the risk of suicide”.

Had examined various aspects of the effect of the coronavirus on suicide. The coronavirus has affected people's regular lives. These effects are discussed in multiple cases in this article. The exciting part of this article was the impact of losing people and social isolation and the feeling of loneliness in leading people to commit suicide when the coronavirus spreads. The coronavirus has driven our societies from extroversion to introversion. From spending time with friends and family to public and private celebrations and occasions, everyone is affected, and at this time, the opportunity for social interaction has inevitably disappeared.

Fear, sadness, and lack of a bright future have drawn a dark and gloomy world over a wide range of society. Indeed, if this mental and psychological pressure takes control of one's thinking, it is one of the ways to move towards it. It kills itself or is a pig. Sometimes the self is not direct. Overuse of pills and psychedelics or drugs will spontaneously lead to death in the long run. In this situation, the family as the foundation of any society will suffer.

The next article as “COVID-19 and suicide” Was In this article, he looked at the coronavirus from a different perspective. Of course, in part of this article, like the above four articles, it was still believed that with the increase in stress caused by the coronavirus and its effects, we should wait for a change in the growth rate of suicide is needed. It is not possible to speak very definitively about this. The article cited, for example, the 2008 financial crisis, which saw a significant increase in suicide rates even though more than 4 million people lost their jobs.

In this article, it was pointed out that there are also positive cases that may even prevent its occurrence and the negative aspects of the coronavirus. For example, families spend more time together. Parents spend more time on their children's lessons and education. Eating together and having fun together at home, such as watching TV, can provide better emotional and emotional conditions for people and avoid stress. Of course, I agree with this opinion to some extent.

If people were at ease financially and economically at the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, the rate of domestic violence and the use of drugs or alcohol would indeed not have risen as much. Inability to pay rent or mortgage or credit cards and to lose a job and not having a bright future destroys a dark space for a mediocre life.


Suicide is one of the social problems that occurs based on the psychological stress caused by present or past issues. Of course, other things, such as the absurdity of the world and life, can also lead to suicide. Suicide is sometimes a time-consuming decision and, in some cases, a severe immediate decision. During the Corona epidemic, the growth rate of suicide in the United States increased due to increasing psychological and economic pressures. The number of consulting calls in this regard has also increased significantly. It seems that government support and more focus on NGOs in guiding and advising people play an essential role in preventing this social problem.


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