Domestic -vs- Global Environments

Updated: Oct 3

Amazon has become the world's largest online store since its inception in e-commerce and book sales. This growth has been international and has become one of the daily suppliers of consumer and non-consumer goods in other countries besides the United States. Of course, in the United States itself, the Amazon single is much larger and more tangible. Amazon has not only been a leader in providing sales services to companies and institutions but has also become a competitor to others. Amazon has become a seller of goods by having information and statistics of its consumer goods. By prioritizing the searches of its sales site, it has been able to act in most cases as a competitor with other sellers. The company has tried to monopolize the market as much as possible by buying more companies and institutions that have become popular services. Amazon entered the food and ready-to-eat business by purchasing the wholefood company. By buying internet camera services, you became a seller of these services. It rushed to a competitor with other companies by offering digital libraries or distributing movies and even renting movies. It became a competitor of postal companies by providing postal services. Amazon seems insatiable and has practically become a real monopolist.

Of course, under American capitalist law, there were virtually no barriers to such activities. I believe that what Amazon is doing is practically a complete destroyer of local jobs. But in the EU, the situation is different. We have 27 countries for which local employment and small businesses are significant. The EU does not want to allow Amazon to destroy short, medium, and even large companies. With anti-monopoly laws in the EU, Europeans are practically an obstacle to this dominant spirit of the Amazon. The founder of Amazon recently made a significant statement. He said large companies are growing fast enough to disintegrate. In my opinion, this should not be the future of a company with so much online business space. In my opinion, Amazon can practically strengthen its cooperation with the European Union by separating sales competition and creating a sales platform. Victory spirit - Victory must prevail. If we turn our backs on everything, we will fail miserably. In my opinion, with fundamental changes in the separation of Amazon's activities, the company's presence in Europe will be much deeper and more profitable.


Amazon Charged With Antitrust Violations by European Regulators

Amazon Faces E.U. Antitrust Charges - The New York Times (

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